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A Guide to Coping with COPD

A Guide to Coping with COPD

Doctor’s guidelines are extremely important to follow when you have COPD. It’s highly vital that you not forget this even when you think you have recovered and are just about ready to resume with normal everyday routines. You need to take things one step at a time, gradually increasing your activities as your symptoms improve. It is also vital to listen to what your body is saying and how it’s reacting.

  • COPD Coping Measures

    Your body is no longer as strong as it used to be so you need to take extra care of it. Take an active role in coping with COPD by making necessary lifestyle changes. Engage in healthier activities and keep away from anything that is toxic to the mind and body. Also, don’t push your body beyond its limits; if you feel the need to rest because you’re tired, sit or lay down, and don’t wait for exhaustion to overcome you.

  • Getting Back to Your Livelihood

    Before being sent home from the hospital, your physician will usually tell you how soon you can get back to work. This would all depend on the rate at which you’re able to recover, which usually varies from one person to another, and would put your current state of health as a factor as well. Your job might also be too much for your lungs to handle and you may need to find a new one or a new position that is less busy.

  • Your Emotional Health Is a Top Priority

    COPD can take its toll on a person both physically and emotionally. You’ll find yourself asking: What now? What do I do now? Well, it’s perfectly normal to be concerned about your future, but what’s more important is to focus on the “now”. Concentrate on what makes you better and makes you happy. When you take charge of your present life, you’ll find that all the negative feelings that you used to feel after getting diagnosed are no longer affecting you.

    You can always talk to a specialist if you’re feeling like it’s especially difficult to cope with your COPD or if it’s making you feel worthless.

  • Keep On Living Your Life!

    Never give up on yourself! Make it a point to get up first thing in the morning with a positive attitude and talk to people, do the things you love, don’t isolate yourself, get some sleep, dedicate yourself to getting better and following your treatment plan, or join support groups.

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