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Residential Care in Crowley, Texas

How to Prepare Your Children When Visiting Grandparents

Your children and their grandparents can benefit from having quality bonding times together. Yet, when your aging parent is already in a Private Care Home in Texas, physical meetings might be challenging to come by. Still, that doesn’t mean it … Continue reading

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Our Country Cottage is Your HOME!

One of the reasons seniors hesitate about moving into a Private Care Home in Texas is because of the unfamiliar environment. After all, they will be staying in a new place. While they know that their care and wellness are … Continue reading

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Country Cottages: Promoting Senior Safety

The safety of our elderly loved ones is one of our main concerns now that they are in the autumn of life. They can be at risk of falls, which can result in injuries, fractures, and even paralysis. Hence, a … Continue reading

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How our Country Cottages Make Sleeping Easier

According to the National Sleep Foundation, a person’s sleeping habits change as they age, putting more seniors at risk for insomnia and other sleeping difficulties. In our Private Care Homes in Texas, we believe that sleep is greatly beneficial to … Continue reading

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