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How our Country Cottages Make Sleeping Easier

How our Country Cottages Make Sleeping Easier

According to the National Sleep Foundation, a person’s sleeping habits change as they age, putting more seniors at risk for insomnia and other sleeping difficulties.

In our Private Care Homes in Texas, we believe that sleep is greatly beneficial to a person’s overall wellbeing and this is what we help our residents achieve as they stay with us in our country cottages. Consider the following ways we make sleeping more manageable among the elderly residents:

  • Quality Housekeeping
    Our independent living cottages are well-maintained by our care providers. Because we maintain diligent housekeeping, the living condition of your loved one is fresh and clean. We help ensure they’re using bed linens that are clean and sanitized, to prevent waking them up in the middle of the night due to irritations caused by unsanitized sheets.
  • Personal Care
    We also provide exceptional Senior Care in Crowley, Texas so that your aging loved one can be in healthy physical and mental state for the day. Their wellbeing is a great contributor to better sleep.
  • Good Exercise
    Because they are in a company of fellow seniors, they can do group exercises and other healthy activities that can utilize their physical strength. Consequently, their need to get some sleep and recover this strength occurs, motivating them to sleep on time.
  • Timely Medication
    Some sleep difficulties are caused by their illnesses especially when they are unable to take their medications. Because our country cottages are supervised by highly qualified care staff, they can take their medicines on time, reducing sleep disturbances as a result.
  • Prompt Assistance
    In our commitment to provide quality Residential Care in Texas, we ensure that the care needs of residents are promptly attended. Even when they need urgent assistance in the middle of the night, such as going to the bathroom, our team will be there to assist. Consequently, the residents will have peace of mind, which helps them to sleep better.

The services we continue to provide at Anchor Way Senior Care are always geared to the overall welfare of your loved one. Check out our country cottages today.

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