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Moving Tips: What to Do When Downsizing Granny’s Items


Caring and monitoring the welfare of our aging loved ones has been the prominent choice of many elderly members. This decision gives them the luxury of being in the comfort of home and the convenience of familiar surroundings. However, as the aging years progress, their home may no longer be the ideal place it should be for them. Considering Private Care Homes in Texas may be the next best option for our beloved Granny.

As soon as you have made that decision along with your senior loved one, moving them will be the next step. To make this more manageable, here are downsizing tips we would like to recommend so that Granny will have a smoother but more meaningful relocation.

  1. Keep important documents together
    Being a key provider of Senior Care in Crowley, Texas, knowing the vital details of your loved one’s condition is part of our task. When you’re getting ready to move, ensure that their supporting documents are kept in the same location so that they can easily access it when it’s time to use them.
  2. Give away usable items
    When you relocate your aging loved one to any of our Country Cottages, it’s best to let them bring essentials but not too much to burden a load. It will be ideal to give away any items that are still usable, or set up a garage sale and put the proceeds for the personal expenses of your loved one.
  3. Use your packing time wisely
    As your senior loved one prepares for the inevitable move, help them to pack but not in a hurry. Use the time wisely so that they can carefully decide on what essential things to include. Making it hurry can be a trigger for unpleasant emotions that you would not want to occur.
  4. Take pictures of the sentimental items
    When it’s high time for your aging loved one to receive Residential Care in Texas, keeping pictures of the beloved items or places they leave behind can be a good keepsake. These photos can be posted in their new location so that they can continue looking back to it and feel comforted at the memory.
  5. Avoid stuffing unnecessary items
    Help your senior loved one to decide which items are still important and helpful for them to bring to their new place. Bringing too much extra may not just add to the hassle, but can also potentially limit the space in their new home.

The choice of moving to a care home can be a timely option for you and your aging loved one especially now that there are even independent living cottages accessible. These are living environments that provide a rural ambiance while being in a safe and secure community. At Anchor Way Senior Care, we make this level of living environment possible for your loved one. If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to inquire further.

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