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Our Country Cottage is Your HOME!

Our Country Cottage is Your HOME!

One of the reasons seniors hesitate about moving into a Private Care Home in Texas is because of the unfamiliar environment. After all, they will be staying in a new place. While they know that their care and wellness are taken charged, you still can’t stop them from feeling anxious about the unfamiliar surroundings.

That’s alright. As a provider of Residential Care in Texas, we know how seniors can be dearly attached to their familiar living environment. For that reason, we encourage you to make their new home very personal to them. Our country cottages are not just an ideal living space for the safety and comfort of seniors, these can also be refined to accommodate their personal preferences.

Here are our recommendations for you.

  • Arrange the spaces in the independent living cottage in a similar fashion as their rooms

    If you can bring their favorite furniture, do so. Place these in a corner that they are most comfortable with. This ambiance provides them a semblance of home.

  • Put up picture frames of their loved ones

    Place them in locations that are also familiar and convenient for your aging loved one. This visual reminder of their family can be another source of comfort and familiarity.

  • Bring their favorite items from home

    Whether it’s their favorite pair of slippers, book, eyeglass, or blanket, let them have it. These items can help them feel that they are in a home-like environment.

You can have all these personalized changes in our country cottages. Hence, gain the peace of mind that your elderly loved one will have a better sense of familiarity.

Our independent living cottages are designed to extend quality Senior Care in Crowley, Texas. These are not just your new and convenient living environment. These are also avenues where your senior family member can be cared for. Their personal and basic needs are addressed. Their health issues are also provided with adequate care.

At Anchor Way Senior Care, our team of experienced care providers can help your loved one as they enjoy staying in the country cottages. If you’re curious about these accommodations, inquire today!

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