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Private Care Homes in Texas and the Benefits of Assisted Living


In providing your senior loved ones or elderly family members with the special care, support, and assistance they need, you would have to choose the right option which will suit them well given the various factors that you have to consider. Although both in-home care and assisted living provide the non-medical (and for some, even medical) care services a senior would need, deciding on which to settle for would have to depend upon a number of factors, such as the condition your loved one is in, their lifestyle and preferences, the availability of a caregiver, and of course, the state of your senior loved one’s home.

We help you decide on the best solution for receiving senior care in Crowley, Texas by listing down the benefits of assisted living and why it is a good choice for your elderly loved one:

  • Provides a Safe Community
    Because of their advanced age, your senior loved one now face certain safety risks, such as falls and health emergencies, and those risks are higher when they are living alone. In an assisted living community, however, they can get help right away as there are 24/7 staff members consisting of skilled nurses and nursing assistants that are ready to offer assistance.
  • Regularly Schedules Activities
    Seniors are encouraged and assisted in keeping their bodies and minds busy to prevent mental and physical illnesses. This is accomplished through an ongoing schedule of activities for the care home’s residents. From classes, social circles or parties, to movie nights and even trips to museums and parks, your elderly loved one will not have a sedentary, idle lifestyle that makes them more prone to depression and diseases.
  • Fosters Connections and Friendships
    This is one of the major benefits of assisted living which most families tend to overlook. A big side effect of aging is loneliness which can lead to self-isolation, depression, and even more serious health conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease. In an assisted living facility, however, your senior loved one can create connections, make new friends, and engage in stimulating conversations.
  • Offers a Wide Range of Services for Day-to-Day Living
    When one lives in a house, there is always something to be done. For seniors, however, this work might pose a potential risk for their health and safety, not to mention a stress-inducing task. In country cottages in our assisted living facility, your elderly loved one will live comfortably and focus on their well-being, interests, and hobbies, by having chores, homemaking tasks, and meal preparation done for them by the care providers.

Anchor Way Senior Care provides quality residential care in Texas, in an environment where your senior loved ones will not only be taken care of but also encouraged to pursue their individual interests and hobbies. Our facility is situated far away from the hectic hustle and bustle of the busy city make for a safe, comfortable, and happy place which your elderly loved one can call home and live in harmony.

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